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Tube Laser Cutting

In our fleet of machines, we also count on an automatic system suitable for processing tubes and section bars by laser beam.


Tube cutting with:

  • OPEN section, flat profile, L, C, U inscribed in a circle with a diameter ranging from 12 to 220mm (special sections on request);
  • ROUND section with diameter from 12 to 220mm;
  • SQUARE section with side from 12 to 200mm;
  • RECTANGULAR and FLAT-OVAL section,
    inscribed in a circle with a diameter of 280 mm, with a minimum side of 12mm and a maximum of 20mm;
  • End bar scrap reduced by a minimum of 120mm;
  • Minimum length 2500mm and maximum length 6500mm;
  • Maximum weight of the workable section 35 Kg / m.
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