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Medium-Heavy Iron Carpentry

The company prides themselves with extensive experience in the metal carpentry sector.
The competence acquired in the metal construction sector, the constant technical research and our highly qualified staff allow us to offer cutting-edge solutions with a very high innovative content.
Fast execution and maximum reliability with minimum stress.


We deal with the construction of civil and industrial structures, gangplanks, safety stairs, industrial sheds, canopies, carpentry for agricultural machines, carpentry for transformers, stables and zootechnical sheds, assembly and third-party processing.
With a team of qualified technicians and designers and an organizational structure based on “custom-made” work, each specific requirement obtains a precise answer; all in full compliance with current regulations.
MOLON offers innovative technical consultancy throughout the production cycle, from the study of the project, to the calculation, to the realization in the workshop and the assembly on the construction site. The development of the project takes into account the customer’s needs and allows to reach final results of high functional and aesthetic value.


Thanks to high-tech systems and equipment, we are able to satisfy the requests of different types of customers, starting from the processing of artisanal and exclusive details, up to series production. Supported by the use of the most updated Cad/Cam software, after a careful study of the design problems, we are able to create any type of structure, even complex, based on the specifications given by our customers.

With the software at our disposal there is the possibility to use and process the files supplied directly by the customer. The 3D formats that can be used and imported can have the following extensions .iges, .step. As for the import of 2D files you can import in .dwg and .dxf format.

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