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Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

Laser cutting offers a number of advantages over other sheet metal cutting technologies.
The most evident are precision in the execution, clean cut without irregular edges and speed.
Of considerable importance is also the amount of waste produced by laser cutting, much lower than other cutting technologies.

In our sheet metal working department, the following are installed:

  • Nr 01 CO2 system – working area 2500 × 8000 mm;
  • Nr 01 CO2 system – working area 2000 × 4000 mm;
  • Nr 01 FIBER system – working area 2000 × 4000 mm;
  • Nr 03 Automatic sheet loading-unloading devices.

Maximum cutting thicknesses:

  • thk. 25mm iron sheet;
  • thk. 40mm stainless steel sheet;
  • thk. 25mm aluminum sheet;
  • thk. 10mm copper sheet;
  • thk. 10mm brass sheet;
  • thk. 6mm titanium sheet.
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