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Quality and Security Policy


Since its establishment, the Company has always placed among its primary objectives the implementation of processes to meet the needs and expectations of the stakeholders and in particular of its Customers. In addition to the qualitative aspects, the same attention is also paid to respect the safety in the workplace, thus taking care of:

  • constant updating of its human resources
  • the continuous improvement of its operating methods
  • the use of equipment / PPE / software adapting to process developments and changes
  • compliance with all applicable legislation according to the activities carried out

Stakeholder expectations are always considered as the basis for developing the management system and in particular for the customers and final recipients of our products/services, which are also identified in the analysis of the context. Our organization, therefore, is committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and diseases, considering the context in which we operate and based on risk assessment techniques.

The Management is convinced that the development of the organization based on the aforementioned commitments can only be implemented by setting up and keeping active a Management System based on the international reference standards (UNI EN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, ISO 45001) trying to integrate them and to adapt them to the various sectors. A good management system is in fact the main element on which the future of the Company is played out in a competitive market in order to:

  • define strategies and objectives that consider not only the qualitative commitments, but also those of safety and the reduction of the environmental impact.
  • Stimulate the company staff accordingly to a more careful participation in the aforementioned principles.
  • Give as much cohesion as possible to the various production departments of the Company, involving the staff in a relationship of mutual collaboration.
  • Approach differently towards the Customer, endorsing the criteria of controlled efficiency and effectiveness, without however neglecting the cost-effectiveness of the company management itself, a basic element for the survival of realities like ours, but guaranteeing the safety and health of workers.
  • Manage issues related to Safety and the Environment in the best and most punctual manner.
  • Develop the organization while always keeping in mind the need to reduce the safety and environment related risks.
  • Improve the company so that it can be innovative and flexible, capable of continuously adapting and redesigning itself according to the needs and requests of the market and its customers, in compliance with the legislation.

These objectives are shared by all the staff which, besides committing themselves to the correct management of the system, also provide stimuli to the Management for its implementation and continuous improvement.

The Company therefore sets itself ambitious objectives on which it can base its Policy which the Management has identified in:

  • Promotion of all initiatives aimed at achieving continuous improvement with a systematic approach, implement, monitor and review with a view to an environmentally friendly development, the rationalization of resources, the quality of processes, safety in the workplace and maximum public transparency.
  • Prevention of accidents and illnesses and continuous improvement in safety management and performance.
  • Identification of the activities considered as relevant in compliance with the contractual quality requirements, with the aim of keeping them under control.
  • Acceptance of only contracts for which full compliance with the quality requirements can be ensured according to the company’s know-how and equipment.
  • Research and Qualification of Suppliers of products/services considered as critical for Quality, Safety and respect for the Environment, establishing a relationship of mutual collaboration and trust with these suppliers.
  • Bring the company to a level of quality and respect for all environmental and safety legislation that can be qualified by its customers and certified by the appropriate accredited bodies.
  • Enhancement of human resources to stimulate staff participation in improvement, safety and awareness of environmental values.
  • Constant improvement of the corporate image.
Our organization defines and analyzes its processes using Risk Management techniques.
We have identified the threats and opportunities that our company manages with appropriate actions.
Actions that aim to define adequate management systems and also to predict possible market share losses by updating the system based on regulatory changes and customer needs, even with investments in increasingly innovative equipment.

Il costante contatto con i clienti è garantito dalla nostra disponibilità a specifici incontri per il confronto e l’analisi delle esigenze ed aspettative, inoltre per ogni comunicazione il cliente può rivolgersi alla casella e-mail info@officinemolon.com. Tale casella viene costantemente verificata da un operatore competente nella gestione di ogni indicazione. Allo stesso indirizzo possono essere riportate le segnalazioni inerenti alla produzione.

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